If you’ve been involved in the world of finance, wealth management, and living a debt-free life, or even if you just know someone who is, there’s really no doubting you’ve heard the name “Dave Ramsey” before—the more suitable question is probably “how many times have you heard his name?” Ramsey has been ever-present in the field since 1992 when he founded The Lampo Group, which rebranded as the instantly recognized Ramsey Solutions in 2014. What you may not know about Dave Ramsey is his backstory and his Endorsed Local Provider (ELP) program. These are exactly what we want to highlight in this post. 

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Who is Dave Ramsey? 

Dave Ramsey was born on September 3, 1960 in Antioch, Tennessee. Ramsey graduated from the University of Tennessee with a B.S. in Finance and Real Estate. He became a real estate investor, founding Ramsey Investments, through which he built a real estate portfolio valued at $4 million by the time he was 26. However, the bank which was financing his real estate endeavor was sold, and the new owners demanded repayment on his loans, which he was unable to pay: forcing him to file for bankruptcy. 

For some, this would be the end of the story, but not for Dave. Determined to learn from his mistakes and to rebuild his financial life, Dave decided he would teach others how to be responsible with their money, take good financial care of their families and retire with dignity. 

What is the ELP Program? 

Dave recognized a wide-spread problem: too many people try to buy a house or save for their retirement without really knowing what they’re doing. This is a long and winding road as it is—so driving on this road totally blind is bound to lead to disaster. This is exactly why people should turn to the advice of a real estate agent or financial planner to help guide you along that road. Obviously, Dave cannot talk to and advise every single person who needs financial, tax preparation, and accounting help, which is why Ramsey created the Endorsed Local Providers Program—designed to allow people to work with trustworthy experts who understand and share Dave’s financial principles. 

Endorsed Local Provider

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How to become a Dave Ramsey ELP? 

Becoming a Ramsey ELP is strenuous process: certainly not every financial advisory firm, CFO service provider, and payroll administrator is an ELP. So, how, specifically does a firm earn this credential? 

Once an agent or advisor submits an application, the Ramsey team reviews the applicant’s background. The applicant must have proper licensing, be in good standing with the respective regulatory agencies, have experienced both good times and have faced challenges, plan to be in business long-term, have the ability to provide exceptional service to all their customers, and understand and live Dave’s financial principles.  

Once a provider is endorsed, though, they must maintain the credential. Dave’s network of professionals holds every provider accountable with constant one-on-one coaching. In this way the program ensures each and every Ramsey ELP can and will provide only the best service to every client. If you’re interested in learning how this unique program can help you, please contact us today.